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How To Reduce The Noise Of Your HVAC System

Reducing the noise of your HVAC system is a job you can do yourself. If the noise is extreme or your attempts to reduce the sound have failed this article is for you.

HVAC noise is a problem for both businesses and homeowners.

There is nothing worse than being at work and the HVAC system is too noisy. Occupational Safety & Health Administration states that noise pollution has an adverse effect on workers’ productivity.

When at home noisy HVAC units are known to keep people up at night. This is the main reason people reach out to HVAC experts to help reduce the noise.

HVAC Noise Reduction Tips

There are lots of different techniques to reduce HVAC noise. We have put a list together of do-it-yourself techniques that you can apply straight away.

  • Upgrade Your HVAC System
  • Install Sound Blankets
  • Build Barrier Walls
  • Fix Noisy Ducts
  • Check air flow

If you cant reduce the noise of your HVAC system yourself call hornehvac..

Upgrade Your HVAC System

Mechanic devices do not last forever, at some stage you will have to replace your HVAC system. 

When HVAC systems make a lot of noise it can indicate there is something seriously wrong with the unit. Loud noise usually indicates it is one of the more expensive parts of the unit that needs replacing.

If your finance does not allow for a replacement below are some great tips you can try yourself.

If you are unsure if your device needs replacing call hornehvac for a free onsite inspection.

Install Sound Blankets

Most sound blankets reduce noise by up to 65% when installed on the average HVAC system. 

People assume sound blankets are unsafe. This can be true and you need to apply caution, however if installed by an expert they are safe.

Sound blankets are also known as compressor blankets. They generally cover the compressor. They are designed to insulate the compressor and prevent its loss of heat.

Sound blankets are a cheap and effective tool for HVAC noise reduction.

They are simple to install but if you want the job done properly call hornehvac.

Build Barrier Walls

Accustic fencing otherwise known as barrier walls is a great tool to help reduce HVAC noise pollution.

There are two types of sound walls absorptive and reflective. There are also several materials you can use to build the wall.

We recommend using a MLV (mass vinyl wall)  to wrap around all four sides of the wall.

If you’re doing this job yourself make sure that are plenty of holes in the wall for ventilation. If the wall you can paint the wall green or add some shrubs to hide it.

If there is any doubt call hornehvac and ask a professional.

Fix Noisy Ducts

If your duct has not been insulated it may be very noisy. Noisy ductwork is one of the most common reasons for HVAC noise complaints.

Metal ducts are known to make a lot of different noises, if the airflow is too high they are known to make a whistling sound.

You can cover the noisy ducts with fiberglass insulation or open the ducts and insert acoustic duct liners. Both options require a lot of work and sometimes for not much result.

Another thing you can do is to use rubber pads to separate the ducts from the wood. This stops the vibration.

If you have tried everything and the noise is still a problem get in touch with hornehvac.

Check Air Flow

If the airflow of your HVAC unit is set to high it will often make the system sound noisy. Check the fan speed, if the fan speed is set on high this could be your fix.

Noisy HVAC units are painful and often high airflow will cause a number of different noises to occur.

If it is not the fan speed, it may be that the unit is too big for the ductwork. A good way to check is to put your hand under a vent and check how much air is coming out. While you are under the vent listen carefully for any whistling.

If you are in doubt and don’t know how to quieten your HVAC call Hornehvac.


Noisy HVAC systems are annoying, especially if the system is new. You need an expert HVAC technician to help determine what is wrong and the cheapest way to fix the noise if the above tips do not help.

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