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Everything You Need To Know About Ductwork Design

Having your ductwork properly designed is an essential component of having any HVAC system run at an optimal rate.

Most professional HVAC technicians will look at the ductwork first when they suspect an airflow problem.

We recommend you start with the equipment and a pre-assessment.


Start with the equipment and a pre-assessment. This will establish the airflow requirements, it will also provide the information you need to proceed.

You will need to know the equipment type, model numbers, fan speed, TESP, and outdoor unit tonnage.

There are calculations an HVAC technician will know to determine if there is a problem.

Methods For Ductwork Design

The most common methods for designing ductwork are:

Velocity Reduction Method

This method is mainly used for smaller buildings and residential properties. 

It reduces the forward pressure through the duct wall and the up in response to the vertical pressure in the duct walls.

This is one of the most common methods for houses.

If you’re unsure if this method is best for you call Hornehvac today.

Equal Friction Method

The equal friction method is by far the easiest method to use when designing your ductwork.

It is often used in commercial-sized HVAC systems. 

The equal friction method by establishing and maintaining a constant pressure loss. This is spread across per unit of duct length.

To check if this method is correct for your commercial building contact hornehvac.

Static Regain Method

The static regain method sizes the supply of air to the duct system. Its goal is to obtain even pressure over all of the outlets and branches of the ductwork.

This method is mostly used for large buildings such as shopping centers and airports

The main reason for this is the expense. Large buildings use a lot of energy and this method is known for maximizing energy efficiency. 

It is more complex and a great deal of accuracy is required. The extra money you spent will be absorbed into the future savings on your electricity bill.

Ductwork Design Methods Goal

There are two main goals when designing ductwork:

The Conservation Of Mass

The law of conservation of mass states that mass can neither be nor destroyed. The inflows, outflows, and storage of mass in an HVAC system must be in balance.

It is crucial that when designing your ductwork this is taken into consideration.

Reduction In Energy

Put simply the reduction of energy law states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. 

The energy can be moved around from place to place such as from your furnace to your bedroom.

When your HVAC technician designs your ductwork these are their two main goals. Keeping this in mind will see your energy bill reduced to as little as possible.

Designing A Better Duct System

If you are doing an upgrade and not experiencing a problem, there are lots of HVAC companies in Charlotte, NC.

You need to speak with a company that can help design better ductwork than the previous company. Call hornehvac today for the most experienced HVAC technicians in Charlotte, NC.

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