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Keep Your Family Safe With Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Winter’s settled upon us and for the next few months we’ll all try to stay warm and snug inside our homes which means our furnaces will be set on high. That’s why it’s
important to make sure that we have working carbon monoxide detectors placed properly throughout our homes.

Gas furnaces are vented so that carbon monoxide is carried out of doors but if
a problem arises with your furnace such as a carbon monoxide leak, this life- threatening, invisible, odorless gas can make your family sick and at higher levels even cause death.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Placement

To maximize your protection from excess levels of carbon monoxide, place detectors in the following places:
• On every level of your home.

• Five feet from the ground. Carbon monoxide detectors get the most accurate reading of your home’s air when they are placed five feet from the ground.

• Near every bedroom. Place your detectors close enough to every sleeping area so that they can awaken everyone in the case of an emergency.

• Near attached garages. Cars produce carbon monoxide any time they are running. If you have an attached garage, those gasses can quickly spread to the rest of your house.

• Where the manufacturer recommends.

Do not place carbon monoxide detectors in the following places to avoid false readings:

• In close proximity to any fuel-burning appliance.

• In excessively humid areas such as your bathroom.

• In direct sunlight

• Near any sources of blowing air such as a fan, vent or open window.


Have Your Furnace Serviced

Making sure your gas furnace is operating properly is the best line of defense in

avoiding problems with exposure to carbon monoxide. This is why we encourage

everyone to have routine maintenance performed on their heating system.

If your gas furnace has not been checked this heating cycle, give Horne Heating

and Air Conditioning a call at (704) 321-4173 or visit hornehvac.com to schedule an

appointment. One of our experienced technicians can inspect your furnace to make

sure everything is working properly, there are no carbon monoxide leaks and make any repairs before they result in more expensive fixes down the line.

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