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Electrical Repair Services In Charlotte, NC, And Surrounding Cities

Every day, your home’s electrical system works tirelessly to power your appliances, devices and lighting needs. Losing electrical power, therefore, can bring many activities to a halt. At best, electrical problems are inconvenient. At worst, they’re hazardous. Protect your investment by having a licensed electrician from our team perform repairs.

Electrical Service and Repairs in Charlotte, NC

Electrical problems hidden in the walls or the attic are largely invisible, but you don’t have to see sparks to be in danger. The following problems require immediate attention from a licensed electrical contractor.

  • If plugs slip out of loose electrical outlets, you could be at risk for arcing and electric shocks. Worn-out receptacles need replacement.
  • If you don’t have enough room to connect all of your appliances, our technicians can install additional outlets or a larger receptacle.
  • Replace overheating outlets, light fixtures, and switches as soon as possible.
  • Avoid overlamping light fixtures. Only use bulbs with the correct wattage to avoid damaging the fixture and causing secondary problems.
  • Have our electricians inspect your electrical panel. Worn-out contacts in older circuit breakers are hazardous.
  • Never use power cords or appliance cables that are damaged or worn. Melted cords and burnt high-amperage appliance receptacles indicate serious problems.

Commercial and Residential Electrical Installation Services

We’re licensed to install, repair, and modify electrical systems for customers in Charlotte and surrounding communities in York County, South Carolina. We perform the following services.

  • Adding or replacing electrical outlets
  • Replacing faulty light switches
  • Installing and replacing GFCI outlets
  • Replacing outdoor electrical receptacles
  • Installing or replacing interior or exterior light fixtures
  • Adding recessed light fixtures and can lights
  • Installing and repairing track lighting
  • Repairing or replacing ceiling fans
  • Upgrading your electrical panel
  • Replacing faulty circuit breakers
  • Repairing whirlpool tub wiring

Upgrading Electrical Systems in Older Homes

In homes built before 1962, we will replace those ungrounded two-prong outlets that don’t protect you or your electronics. Starting in 1956, the National Electrical Code required three-prong outlets outdoors and in garages and basements. After 1971, standards changed to require the use of robust GFCI outlets in damp areas where shocks are more likely to occur. To protect your family, have us test these safety features and perform updates if needed.

Most older homes can’t support modern electricity demands. Today, a 60- or 100-amp service will struggle to power all of your electronic gadgets. If your microwave trips the breaker or your vacuum cleaner dims the lights, our electricians can upgrade your electrical panel or install a dedicated circuit for your high-energy appliances.

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