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Are You Suffering From Dry Home Syndrome?

It’s that time of year again.  We’re pulling on our sweaters and dragging out our coats.  By now, we’ve all had to turn on our heating systems. A warm home is so nice and cozy when the weather turns cold.  Unfortunately, that coziness also brings with it dry indoor air and what I like to call Dry Home Syndrome.. 

Are you already feeling its effects?   If not, just wait you will.  You walk  across the floor in your socks to rub the cat and the minute you touch his fur sparks fly.  That’s the result of dry air.  And where that scenario may sound comical, what’s happening to your respiratory system and skin isn’t.

Dry air is responsible for that tickle in your throat or waking up in the morning with a dry hack.  The humidity level inside our homes should not ever drop below 30% to remain comfortable and healthy.  Using your heater, can drive moisture levels way below this and that causes the mucus membranes inside your nose, throat and even your lungs to dry out.  While this can cause discomfort for everyone, it is particularly difficult for people with asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems. In fact, when your nasal passages are dry and irritated, it even makes it easier for you to catch colds and flu.  Along with respiratory issues, also comes annoying, itchy, dry skin and the dreaded wrinkles.

What you may not know , is the damage that dry air can do to your wood furnishings, hardwood floors, and even your artwork.  In fact, dry air is so tough on musical instruments, it can actually your piano out of tune.  It can even cause your wallpaper to start lifting and peeling.

So, what’s the answer?  HUMIDITY!!!  Raising the humidity level in your home will have a dramatic effect on the respiratory issues and cut down on colds not to mention the difference in your skin.  A home with adequate humidity will feel more comfortable and stay warmer because moist air is warmer than dry air.   Finally, your wood furnishing will be protected.

You can purchase portable humidifiers on the market that can be moved from room to room.  These require filling with water and meticulous cleaning to prevent mold. But for the most effective and healthy solution, the answer is a Whole Home Steam Humidifier.

       Whole Home Steam Humidifiers actually work with your heating and air system, to distribute moist air throughout every room in your home. Because they create steam instead of relying on evaporation there is no standing water, eliminating the worry about mold growth and they require very little  maintenance.  Horne Heating and Air Conditioning offers several high- quality options for Whole Home Steam Humidifiers to accommodate your needs and budget.  Give us a call today to learn more about these great products. These units are a great investment and help to keep your family healthier and more comfortable as well as preserving the items in your home.

These are some other things you and your family can do to further protect yourself from damaging dry air.

Take Shorter and Cooler Showers.

Slather Moisturizer on Your Skin and Lips Throughout the day.

Remember to Hydrate

Try Rubbing Some Petroleum Jelly in your Nostrils at Night Before Bed

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