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Should You Repair or Replace Your AC Now

The Hot Weather Is Not Over

This has really been a long hot summer. The kids are going back to school and you may already have your mind focused on Fall. The fact is we’ve got a lot more hot days and nights ahead of us. August and September bring smoldering temperatures in our area and that means our air conditioners have a lot more cooling to do before the cool Autumn temperatures blow in.


Is your air conditioner is not effectively cooling your home? Have you noticed your energy bills have been higher? Both of these scenarios signal that your air conditioner is not performing at peak efficiency. If this is the case at your home, you don’t need to suffer through the remaining cooling season. Right now Horne Heating and Air Conditioning Company is running a $35 off any a/c service repair offer and a $59 air conditioner check up. Taking advantage of this offer will not only save you money but also identify any problems you may be having with your cooling equipment so it is ready to go for next year.

Is It Time To Think About A Replacement?

If your air conditioner is old, this is also a good time to think about replacement. How do you know if you should have your system repaired or replaced. Well, the standard rule of thumb is if your system more than 10 years old, replacement is probably your best option. Today’s high performance HVAC systems are so much more energy efficient than older models. The money you will save on your energy bills each month will actually help you pay for the new system. Another rule of thumb for the repair versus replacement question is repair costs. If you are looking at an expensive repair or if you have had to have multiple service calls to keep your old system going, replacement may be your most prudent option.

Save $350 Off A New System

At any rate, a Horne Heating and Air technician can assess any issue you are having and offer you the different options for you to choose. Should you need a replacement air conditioning system, this is a great time to think about purchasing one. First, Horne Heating and Air is offering $350 off any entire replacement system. Secondly, this time of year things begin to slow down a bit at heating and air companies. While early and mid Summer are peak times and you may have to wait a short time for service, this time of year there are more technicians on hand to get to you right away.

Pleas visit us to check out these offers and let us know if we can be of any service to you. We want to keep you cool right into Fall.

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