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Why is my ceiling leaking?

inIt doesn’t feel much like it this afternoon but Charlotte is rapidly approaching air conditioning weather. If you haven’t already turned on your a/c, it won’t be long. Today, I want to talk to you about your air conditioner’s condensate drainage system and some potential issues you need to be aware of and the problems these issues can cause.

Just like a cold glass of water sweats on a hot day, your air conditioner produces gallons of water because of condensation forming on your a/c’s cold evaporator coil. Your condensate drainage system is in place to handle this water by conveying water collected in your air conditioner’s drip pan and then into a drainage line to the outside of your home. When this drainage system is not properly maintained problems can occur. The most common are listed below.

Water Spillage 

A clogged drainage line can quickly cause water to accumulate and spillage inside your home. These blockages are due to debris from mold and other micro-organisms that thrive in an environment that is moist. A rusty or cracked drip pan can also cause leakage.

Mold Contamination

Your air conditioner’s fins and drainage system are ideal places for mold and algae growth. When these micro-organisms re-circulate through your ducts and through-out your home you can notice a musty smell.

Clogs and cracked drip pans are easily remedied with simple preventative maintenance and proper cleaning of your a/c’s condenser will eliminate musty odors inside your home. Before we get into the throws of hot weather, call Horne Heating and Air conditioning at (704) 321-4173 or visit the web hornehvac.com to schedule preventative maintenance for your air conditioning system. Not only will you avoid the potential problems mentioned above, you can have a simple fix addressed before it becomes an expensive repair or prevent a break down from occurring during the peak heat of summer.

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