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Important HVAC Questions To Ask

If you are looking to install a new HVAC system or repair your old one. There are a few simple and easy questions you can ask your HVAC technician before work is started.

This will help you qualify if they are the right technician for the job.

HVAC units on average account for roughly 70% of a building’s energy use. Finding the right help is important to both businesses and residential property owners.

If you are unsure if you’re hiring the right company give hornehvac.com a call.

Asking Your HVAC Technician The Right Questions

When you speak the language an HVAC technician understands and respects.

This helps with not only communication but it gives the technician a clear understanding they can not over-quote and must do a thorough job.

Here are some great questions to ask:

  1. Ask If They Are Fully Licensed.
  2. Ask For A Detailed Estimate.
  3. Ask If They Are NATE Certified.
  4. If They Follow Manual I Standards?
  5. If They Provide Financing Programs?
  6. If All Work & Parts Come With A Warranty?

The above questions will quickly qualify if you are speaking to a company you can trust.

When asking those important questions a yes answer on each question is required. Should the technician give a no answer on any of the above it is wise to find another company.

HVAC repairs and new installations can be an expensive process and you want the job done right. Employing a professional from the start can save you a lot of money later on.

Call hornehvac.com to speak to a pro HVAC technician today!

Ask If They Are Fully Licensed?

If the answer is no to the question we recommend calling another company.

It is important that the technician answers yes to this question. If they are not fully insured should something go wrong that results in damage you might be chasing reimbursement from the technician personally.

No one wants to be in this position.

To speak to a fully insured HVAC technician call hornehvac.com.

Ask For A Detailed Estimate

It is the most important question you can ask. A detailed estimate is not a number quickly written on the back of a business card.

A detailed estimate should include the exact price, the scope of work, and any parts that need to be installed or replaced.

This protects the consumer and also protects the technician.

No one enjoys hidden surprises and this is a great way to safeguard against it.

Call hornehvac.com for a detailed written estimate!

Ask If They Are NATE Certified?

Being NATE certified is essential for all HVAC technicians.

NATE (North American Training Excellence) provides up-to-date training for HVAC technicians.

The HVAC industry has seen many changes over the years. They provide regular training for their members and are considered the number 1 education organization in America for HVAC systems.

Members of NATE will carry a card with a membership number.

You need a technician who is NATE qualified. Call hornehvac.com to speak with a fully qualified NATE member.

Do They Provide Financing Programs?

The majority of people do not consider putting their HVAC system on finance.

There are many benefits provided when you do decide to finance the new unit.

If new technology is released and you would like to have that technology often you can upgrade and roll the amount owing into your next contract.

It also allows flexibility if your needs change.

Speak to a technician at hornhvac.com to ask any questions about financing your next HVAC unit.

If They Follow Manual J Standards?

Asking this question shows the technician you have some basic understanding of the HVAC industry. At the very least it shows you have done your homework.

Manual J standards refer to the standards set by the ACCA. The standard is used for determining the calculation of the load on your unit. It informs the technician if your unit is too small too big or just right.

All of hornehvac technicians are trained and follow manual J.

If All Work & Parts Come With A Warranty?

It is important that all work and parts come with a warranty.

There is nothing worse than when you have just had a part fixed and for no reason two weeks later the same part breaks.

Although this may indicate there is something else wrong with the HVAC. It may also just be a faulty new part that has been installed.

Hornehvac provides a full warranty on all parts and labor.

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