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Why HVAC Maintenance Is So Important In Charlotte

Regular HVAC maintenance is important no matter where you live. Having a well-maintained system helps the unit last longer, reduces breakdowns, and helps the system consume a lot less energy. Charlotte is known for its extreme weather changes with a very hot muggy summer, then a very cold winter including snowfall. The extreme change in Charlotte’s weather puts a lot of strain on Charlotte’s HVAC systems.

Heating Maintenance

A heating maintenance check is recommended before winter approaches. When we do a heating maintenance check our HVAC technician will check your furnace filter and replace it if necessary. Our technician will then check the exterior of the heating and ventilation system for wear and tear.

Our technician will inspect the interior of the furnace and clean it. Lastly, we check for carbon monoxide leaks and check the thermostat. If there are parts that need replacing that require extra cost our technician will inform you of the pricing and problem before performing the work.

Cooling Maintenance

Cooling maintenance before summer arrives helps prevent unwanted breakdowns on a hot day. Our HVAC technician will check the indoor and outdoor parts, including motors and belts ensuring they are in good working condition. 

The condensation pump, drain lines, and valves will also be checked. The electrical components will be inspected and the outdoor unit will be perfectly leveled. Regular maintenance helps prevent breakdowns and the need for your AC system to be repaired.

The Most Common Parts That Need Replacing

Most parts that are replaced with regular maintenance like air filters are fairly inexpensive, Failure to regularly maintain your system can see expensive components need replacing frequently. These are the three components we see that need replacing the most when HVAC systems are not well maintained.

Air Filters

Air filters clean the air of dust and particles and prevent them from entering the air in your house. Air filters on HVAC systems need to be replaced on average 6 times a year for optimal performance.


The compressor is your HVAC system’s hardest working and most expensive component. Regular maintenance heavily reduces the costly expense of having to replace the compressor. The main reasons compressors breakdowns are dirty coils and clogged refrigeration lines, this can be heavily reduced with regular maintenance.

Fan Motor

During the summer the fan motor will be running hard, the hotter it gets the harder it has to run. A fan motor that is not regularly serviced on average lasts for around three years. Regular maintenance can see fan motors last up to 15 years.


43% of Americans have regular maintenance performed on their HVAC units. Regular maintenance reduces energy use on average by 15% and increases the lifespan of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems by 43%.

These statistics can be found on the USA Energy Information Administration website, click here to view these statistics.

If your HVAC system has not been maintained for a while or you’re looking for a great deal on a maintenance plan contact Horne today!

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