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How You Can Save on Energy Costs in Your Mooresville, NC Home

Saving money on energy costs isn’t as hard as you might think. Just a few simple choices can make a big difference in your utility bills. Here are three easy ways to cut energy usage and free up some cash in your Mooresville, North Carolina, home.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Basic programmable thermostats are available for as little as $30. Thermostats in this price range allow you to set various temperatures at different times of the day. There are also thermostats that enable you to have one schedule for weekdays and another for weekends. Simply program the device to the desired or recommended temperatures for at least eight hours at a time. You’ll shave between 20 and 33 percent off your total energy costs.

Weatherize Your Home

Weatherizing your Mooresville, North Carolina, home starts with determining where you’re losing energy and then taking action to reduce or eliminate energy waste. Basic weatherization can include simple steps such as using weatherstripping to seal gaps around exterior doors and windows. Not only does weatherstripping prevent the loss of heated and cooled air, but it also seals out drafts, dust, bugs and moisture. Other weatherizing actions include adding attic insulation and installing door sweeps on exterior doors.

Schedule an HVAC Maintenance Visit

Annual HVAC maintenance can cut energy waste by up to 40 percent. Besides saving money, you’ll benefit in other ways. Regular maintenance makes HVAC equipment last longer and helps to keep indoor air quality at healthy levels. A well-maintained system will keep your home more comfortable because maintenance optimizes equipment performance. Best of all, regular maintenance can reduce HVAC repairs by up to 90 percent.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to see meaningful savings. Simple steps can save you money in any season. To upgrade your thermostat or learn more about weatherization, call Horne Heating and Air Conditioning today Inc. at (704) 321-4173. We also make it easy for you to schedule your annual maintenance visit!

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