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Preparing Your HVAC Unit For Summer

As summer approaches it is time to have your HVAC system serviced. Clients that prepare for summer with a service see a reduction of around 75% in breakdowns.

On a hot summer’s day in Charlotte, the last thing you want is for your AC to not be working.

Schedule A Service Before Summer Arrives

When the heat arrives HVAC companies tend to be busier than other months.

When you call any HVAC company on a sweltering hot summer’s day. It can be hard to get a technician to perform the repair on the same day. 

The average wait time during a heat wave in Charlotte is between 3-10 days. 

If you are a member of Horne’s PEP program same-day service is guaranteed.

Horne Maintenance Plans

Horne provides maintenance plans that see you covered all year round. If you become a (PEP) Premium Efficiency Program member you are guaranteed all year round same day call out service.

A PEP Member Enjoys The Benefits of:

2 Inspections Per Year (you can schedule one inspection just before summer arrives).

Same Day Service in cases of emergency.

Lock in your rate and save during times of high inflation.

Exclusive pricing and discounts

On average Horne clients see a 5% reduction in electricity rates for its members who have 2 inspections per year. With a whopping 75% reduction in breakdowns.

It makes sense to become a PEP member and not get caught out in the hot summer months waiting a week or two for a technician to be able to schedule your appointment.

Why HVAC Systems Work Harder In Summer

Your HVAC unit is basically a heat transfer system that works in two parts.

When the system is cooling down a room the exchanger captures warm air from inside the building. It then sends the air to the outside condensing unit.

On a hot summer’s day when the air inside your home is warm. The unit must work a lot harder to achieve this process.

The 3 Main Reasons HVAC Systems Break In Summer

Fan issues

Most HVAC units have two fans. One fan blows the air from inside over the evaporative coil. The other fan expels the air by blowing it over the condenser coils.

The fans have to run a lot harder and generally a lot longer in the summer months. Making fan issues the number one reason for AC breakdowns during the warm season.

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are the second most common reason AC units break down in summer.

The AC removes the indoor air’s moisture as it is circulated through the system.

The moisture runs down the drain and into a pan then exits the drain. When the drain or line clogs the water overflows and can damage the system.

In summer the amount of moisture removed is higher and this problem is a lot more frequent than during the cooler seasons.

Clogged Condensor Coils

Condensor coils expel the warm air out of your home. They are located on the exterior of your unit and get clogged with leaves, debris, and dust.

In high-pollution areas, condenser coils are the number cause of breakdowns and in summer the third largest reason for HVAC systems breakdown.

Call Horne HVAC Today Before The Summer Arrives

Become a member of Hornes PEP program today and lessen the stress of a breakdown during summer.

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