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Five Tips To Reduce Allergens In Your Home

Are you sniffing and sneezing lately? If so, consider yourself in the majority. Allergy season is upon us and allergy sufferers are really feeling it. Below, you will find some easy tips for reducing allergens within your home that are simple and helpful.

1) Avoid bringing allergens into your home

A great deal of allergens are brought into your home on the bottom of your shoes. The soles of your shoes pick up pollen etc. off your driveway, walkway and lawn and when you come inside you track these allergens in with you. A good solution is to take your shoes off before you come inside. If you enjoy gardening or just being out in your yard, have a specific pair of shoes that are for that purpose right outside your door that you can easily slip on and off.

2) Control the humidity in your home

Humidity breeds mold. Use your attic fan if you have one to keep the moisture levels down in your attic. In addition, be faithful about running your bathroom fan while showering. This will be very helpful in controlling mold-activated allergy symptoms.

3) Be a thorough cleaner

– This is the time of year to concentrate on thoroughly dusting your home. Dust cloths tend to scatter as much dust as they collect. Instead, dust with electrostatic material that will permanently trap the dust you wipe up. After use, either throw them away or make sure you wash them if they aren’t disposable.

4) Use an effective vacuum

Make sure your vacuum not only picks up small particles but also traps them so they aren’t picked up and then blown back around.

5) Use a good filter 

Remember to change your HVC’s systems filter and change it frequently. You can even order your filter from Horne here. We also have many products to improve the Air Quality in your home.

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