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Avoid Expensive A/C Repairs with Routine Maintenance

Hot weather hit us this weekend in the Carolinas and is a big reminder of the summer heat we have coming our way. Nothing is worse than an Air Conditioner breaking down in the peak of the summer. Fortunately most expensive repairs and break downs can be avoided with scheduled routine maintenance. Below are some of the more common issues identified and fixed with regular maintenance.

Dirty Everything

Your heating and air conditioning equipment is located in several different areas like: attics, crawl spaces and outside. All of these areas present opportunities for dirt to accumulate and if your equipment is not cleaned regularly, it can get really dirty. A prime example is your air conditioners coil that’s located outside. When it gets very dirty, it can cause your air conditioner to blow out warm air. A dirty coil forces your air conditioner’s compressor to work harder putting extra wear and tear on it. If your compressor fails, you are looking at a very expensive repair or possible replacement. A good cleaning by a qualified HVAC technician will help you keep your system functioning at peak capacity.

It is also necessary to keep your HVAC’s air filters clean and to replace them on a regular basis. Dirty air filters restrict air flow and again, place unnecessary strain on the system. At the time of regular scheduled maintenance, your filters will be inspected and changed.


Your air conditioner must move refrigerant and water effectively in order to work. Refrigerant or Freon circulates throughout your air conditioner’s indoor and outdoor coils to provide cool air. If your system does not have the proper amount of Freon, it can not produce cool air. If your freon level is low, this may signal a leak in the system. At any rate, low coolant is an issue that again is identified and addressed with regular maintenance.

As your air conditioner is cooling your home, it is also removing humidity in the air by turning it into water and removing it by way of a drain line to the outside of your home. If this drain line becomes clogged from dirt and algae it can fail to drain. Improper drainage will trigger your system’s float switch and that will cut the system off. An inspection at the beginning of the cooling season will identify any clogged drain lines and they will be flushed to avoid any potential water leak or system failure.

Broken Parts

Your HVAC system is a very complex piece of equipment with many moving parts that work in tandem to keep your system going. As with all machinery, parts become worn and break. An inspection and tune up will identify any worn or broken parts that need to be replaced before they result in an expensive repair or your system shutting down all together.

With Heating and Air systems, the old adage of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure could not be more true. Ensure your family stays cool and comfortable this summer by having your system inspected and serviced. This simple routine maintenance will have your air conditioner ready to handle the high demand for cooling that long hot summer days and nights will bring.

Call Horne Heating and Air conditioning at (704) 321-4173 today to schedule your AC Check-Up it’s only $59 plus tax, a very small price for peace of mind knowing your system will keep you cool all season long.  or simply visit the web www.hornehvac.com

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