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6 Variable Speed Units That Will Revolutionize Comfort

If you’re shopping for a new air conditioner in Matthews, North Carolina, you’ve likely noticed the terms “single stage,” “two-stage,” and “variable speed.” These terms refer to the way the system’s compressor works. A single-stage compressor operates at only one speed, while a two-stage compressor offers two speeds for enhanced customization. A variable speed system is the most flexible of all. This type of system has a compressor that adjusts its capacity so that it always provides maximum comfort without using a lot of energy.

Trane XV20i TruComfort™ Variable Speed AC

Trane’s XV20i air conditioning system is one of the most efficient installations on the market. It offers a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) as high as 22. The air conditioner adjusts its speed constantly and consistently. Equipped with ComfortLink II technology, this system can communicate with matched indoor units for optimal calibration and reliable comfort.

Trane XV18 TruComfort™ Variable Speed AC

The Trane XV18 TruComfort variable speed air conditioner offers a SEER up to 18. It isn’t quite as efficient as the Trane TruComfort XV20i. However, this system still features the same TruComfort technology that allows it to adjust compression speeds in increments as small as one-tenth of a percent. You’ll enjoy consistent temperatures within half a degree of your thermostat’s setting.

Trane XV80 Oil Furnace

The XV80 oil furnace from Trane is a high-efficiency system that offers up to 85 percent AFUE. This furnace operates quietly and efficiently, with a variable speed motor that ensures even heating in any condition. This model is compatible with the Trane CleanEffects filtration system if you want to incorporate additional air filtration for better indoor air quality.

Trane XL80 Gas Furnace

With the Trane XL80 gas furnace, you’ll get up to 80 percent AFUE. Variable speed technology is hard at work in this unit. You’ll enjoy optimum performance from this system. As with all Trane products, this furnace is rigorously tested to make sure all components are long-lasting and reliable.

Trane XV20i Variable Speed Heat Pump

Trane’s XV20i variable speed heat pump means high performance for both heating and cooling. If you’re looking for a comprehensive system that can do it all, this installation will handle all your home comfort needs. The Trane XV20i offers a 20 SEER and 10 HSPF. It will maintain consistent temperatures and make small compressor adjustments to ensure optimum energy efficiency at all times. Although this system works hard, you won’t hear it. Unobtrusive and effective, the variable speed heat pump is a smart choice for simplified comfort management.

Trane XV18 Variable Speed Heat Pump

The Trane XV18 is an electric heat pump that also heats and cools your home. In cooling mode, it offers up to 18 SEER. When heating, you’ll get up to 10 HSPF, which is the same level of efficiency offered by the Trane XV20i. This heat pump also offers the same impressively quiet fan operation, coming in four decibels lower than the competition. You can match it with ComfortLink II technology and Trane’s CleanEffects™ air filtration system. This heat pump can take home comfort above and beyond by using some of the best features of Trane’s systems.

The Advantage of Flexibility

There are times when your air conditioner has to battle 90-degree temperatures. It will, therefore, need to operate at full capacity to keep your home comfortable. At other times, that level of performance will be excessive. Once September arrives and temperatures start to fall, a variable speed compressor will dedicate only a portion of its capacity to cooling. The system will adjust to maintain the level of indoor comfort needed with the change in temperature. It will use less energy so that you save on your energy bills.

Are you ready to explore the benefits of a variable speed heating or cooling system? Call Horne Heating and Air Conditioning at (704) 321-4173. We carry all of the systems listed above, and our knowledgeable technicians will help you find the perfect fit for your budget and your home.

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