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3 Reasons Your Kids Are Often Congested at Home

One complaint we hear a lot today is how much time children spend indoors. Gadgets, gaming systems, smartphones, and smart TVs leave less time for and interest in outdoor activities. If your kids are spending more time in their Matthews, North Carolina, home, you need to be vigilant about indoor air quality. If your kids are often congested when at home, that’s a good indicator of indoor air quality problems.

Common Health Symptoms

The symptoms of poor indoor air quality are similar to those that come with the common cold. When your kids are suffering from allergies, they might experience itchy or sore throats, coughing, eye irritation, and they are often congested. If the symptoms go away when your children are away from home, that’s a sign that you need to assess your indoor air or your indoor space in general.

Poor indoor air can also make the symptoms of cold and flu viruses worse, so it’s best to take action as soon as possible. You can’t always see or smell airborne contaminants. For an accurate assessment and effective solutions, contact the indoor air quality experts at Horne Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.

Common Indoor Allergens

Indoor air can contain all kinds of allergens including pollen, dander, pet hair, and dust mites. As the HVAC system operates, it pulls the air through a filter. If the air filter is not clean, it cannot remove the particles as it should. These tiny particles can settle in the ducts and other parts of the HVAC system. They will keep circulating through the home every time the system cycles on, causing problems for those who suffer from indoor allergies.

To reduce allergy symptoms and prevent your children from being congested, clean your air filter regularly. We take care of this task during maintenance visits, but this should be a part of your housekeeping duties. We will be happy to show you how to replace or clean your filter on our next visit.

Your IAQ Experts

Ductwork repair is another effective way to put up a strong defense against poor air quality. Our service techs can repair kinks, seal joints or seams, and replace damaged sections. We’ll prevent polluted air from seeping into your system.

Children are often more susceptible to IAQ problems than adults. If your children are frequently congested, contact Horne Heating and Air for expert IAQ and duct cleaning services. You can schedule an appointment online or call us at (704) 321-4173.

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